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Spectrum Chromatography's roots go back to Glenco Scientific. Glenco was founded in 1962 as a supplier of laboratory glassware. They quickly developed a line of low-pressure chromatography columns and accessories as well as several lines of precision syringes.

Spectrum Medical Industries purchased Glenco Scientific in the early 1980's. This acquisition added breadth to the separation products already offered by Spectrum Medical and enabled the development of specialized laboratory dialysis hardware. In keeping with the tradition of the Spectrum Companies, the name was changed from Glenco Scientific to Spectrum Chromatography.

In 1995 Spectrum Chromatography was sold to Spectrum Molecular Separations of Delaware. This enabled us to continue to focus on the development of chromatographic instruments and hardware and freed Spectrum Medical to focus its activities on membrane separations. Because the Spectrum Chromatography name was known and respected we continue to operate under this name.

You may contact us by fax at +1-281-443-3100 or by email at sales@spectra-chrom.com.

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