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Chromatography Instruments

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Good instruments are generally one of the key ingredients for a successful chromatographic separation. We manufacture a complete line of instruments for low-pressure liquid chromatography, many of which are also quite useful in hplc applications. These instruments include Peristaltic Pumps, a Fraction Collector, a fixed wavelength UV Detector, and a Solvent Recycler.

Peristaltic Pumps

The MP-1 and MP-2 pump drives can run 1, 2, or 3 pump heads for added versatility. The Macroflow and MP-2 pump drives are suitable for high flow rate applications while the MP-1 drive is ideally suited to low flow applications. The Fast-Load pump head allows the tubing to be replaced without disturbing its connection to the drive. For cost sensitive applications other, conventional, peristaltic pump heads are also available. The pumps and drives are described at http://www.spectra-chrom.com/pump.htm.

Fraction Collector

The CF-2 Fraction Collector is the ultimate chromatography fraction collector.  It is sold complete with tubing fittings and racks that hold up to 174 tubes of 12 to 13 mm diameter.
The CF-2 Fraction Collector is the ultimate chromatographic fraction collector. It can collect up to 174 fractions in 12 to 13 mm diameter tubes. The unique design with a stationary drop head is superior to the more common X-Y type fraction collectors; the stationary drop head can not fling drops when changing tubes. This eliminates any possibility of contamination between tubes. The CF-2 Fraction Collector is described at http://www.spectra-chrom.com/fraction.htm.

Model 280 UV Detector

The Model 280 is the ideal UV detector for liquid chromatography (both hplc and low-pressure liquid chromatography).
The choice of a detector can be one of the most significant in both an analytical chromatography system as well as a preparative system. The Spectra/Chrom® Model 280 UV Monitor is a fixed wavelength flow-through spectrophotometer specifically designed for use as a chromatographic detector. It features a dual beam optical system that allows the automatic subtraction of a solvent background, even in the presence of a rapidly changing gradient. Three different flow cells are available and filters for both 254 and 280 nm are included with the detector. The Model 280 UV Detector is described at http://www.spectra-chrom.com/newuv.htm.

S-3 Solvent Saver System

The S-2 Solvent Saver System can reduce your solvent consumption by 80 percent or more.
Most chromatographic laboratories spend a large fraction of their budget on solvents, both buying the solvents and then paying to dispose of them. The S-3 Solvent Saver System is an hplc solvent recycler which significantly reduces the use of solvents in both analytical and preparative hplc. Solvent savings generally exceed 80%. The S-3 Solvent Saver System is described at http://www.spectra-chrom.com/s3.htm.

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